“Qi is the vital energy that powers all life on the most fundamental level.” 

QiFlow® is the only studio in Colorado with the QiFlow movement method, BoxFLOW, BarreFLOW, SculptFLOW®, and StepFLOW®. Inspired movement opportunities will have you coming for a class and leaving with a community.

QiFlow RiNo: New Movement, New Results

At the RiNo location, our Fire studio, we offer three unique programs: QiYoga, QiFLOW® and QiFlow Fusion Classes


QiYoga is designed to move the body dynamically by combining the movement philosophy of vinyasa yoga with the yogic traditions of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Strength, power, and breath guide you through the rhythm of life. We cannot wait to help you find your very own beat in our yoga and movement classes in a way no other studio in Denver has ever done before.


QiFLOW® is our signature movement method designed to create beautiful movers through our philosophy of effortless action – wu wei – and the five elements of our movement practice. Our movement method will leave you feeling energized with grace, resilience and a passion for moving weird. This class is the foundation for all QiFlow movement classes.

QiFlow Fusion:

QiFlow Fusion classes bring us back to our basics. We were the first studio in Denver to bring the fitness community fusion classes like QiCycle-Yoga, QiCycle-FLOW, QiCycle-Barre, QiCycle-CORE, QiCycle-POWER, BarreFLOW, BoxFLOW, SculptFLOW®, and StepFLOW® These classes are designed to help you be a mover with a multifaceted approach to athleticism. In our Cycle-Yoga/FLOW/Barre/CORE/POWER classes, you heat the body with thirty minutes of spinning – on our BRAND NEW BIKES – followed by fifteen to forty-five minutes of fire-starting movement.


These movements change the body like no other and as we say at QiFlow, “Change the body, change the mind.” Our unique movement programs are focused on joint nutrition and movement longevity. Whether you are 25 or 65, we help you build a body that is prepared for moving you THROUGH all of your life, FOR all of your life.

There is so much to explore at QiFlow RiNo from our QiCycle Fusion classes to QiFlow Movement Clinics every Saturday at 8 am to BoxFLOW, BarreFLOW, StepFLOW® and SculptFLOW®. If you haven’t tried our classes, then now is your time … come in and experience something new and weird. We promise you’re going to love us!!!

Read more about our movement here: QiFlow Movement

QiFlow is the only studio to offer StepFLOW® our newest fusion workout creation. It’s step aerobics done FLOW style. Expect 5,000+ FitBit steps and 600-750 calorie burn in one class!

-QiFlow RiNo-

2636 Walnut St, Denver, Co, 80205

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-QiFlow Edge-

5838 W 25th Ave, Denver, CO 80214

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QiFlow Edge: New Movement, New Results

The vibe of QiFlow Edgewater, our Water studio, is nurturing and energizing, peaceful and inspiring. All of our classes are taught by teachers who live and love the practice of yoga and movement. This beautiful studio offers QiYoga, Yoga Sculpt, Barre, BarreSculpt and willPower classes.

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