steph splittin

Steph is our operations manager and handles all of our trade memberships

My Qiflow story began at a point in my life when I didn’t think I had any fight.  I fractured my spine in a car accident at 15 and have since dealt with chronic pain and depression. In October of 2011, I had another surgery that completely fused my spine left me off work as a flight attendant. I felt really isolated and Qiflow gave me a sense of community.  I really admired the strength and individuality of all the instructors. They inspired me to rebuild my body within, not to just focus superficially. Some words that have resonated with me are “Real yoga begins off the mat.” My “aha” moment didn’t happen when I was able to reach mermaid or when I effortlessly dropped into side crow. My moment happened off the mat when I realized that I didn’t need all the pills and powders that I had come to rely on for pain, depression and fatigue. My true energy radiates from within and I have to thank the community and instructors at QiFlow. My journey has never been easy but I’m so proud of the person I’ve become. I take comfort in the struggle knowing that I am constantly changing, becoming a better version of myself. When you catch me in class, I hope that you’ll feel inspired to do more than you think you can. I am passionate about Qiflow’s philosophy and the classes I teach. Everybody has a unique story so I encourage you to chat with me before or after class!