Need some inspiration? Let’s inspire each other. As with many people these days, I’m a transplant looking to take advantage of all that Colorado has to offer: inspiring activities, inspiring people, and inspiring movement. Whether you’re looking to kick up the cardio with cycle, build lifelong strength with weights, or channel your inner balance through yoga and ballet barre, I can help you take the next step in your fitness journey and reach your maximum potential. All levels of experience are welcome and I’m truly excited to see how I can coach you along the way.

After moving to Colorado in 2010, I joined Qi shortly thereafter while looking for a fusion-based class structure and engaged community. Qi provided the perfect answer to my needs and gave me passion to become an instructor myself. With 15 years of classical ballet training and a portfolio of yoga, spin, and core fitness instruction under my belt, I’m sure I can find the perfect balance of movement for your life.