What is the difference between QiFlowFusion, QiFlow and QiYoga?


Qi (energy)

Yoga (release)

Our QiYoga program is designed to move the body in a dynamic way by combining the movement philosophy of vinyasa yoga with the yogic tradition of practice, pranayama and meditation. Expect to leave each QiYoga class feeling strong, connected, energized and inspired. Our aim is to provide you with a style of yoga that allows you to unwind and reconnect to the beauty of everyday life. Our style of yoga is for everyone, from the beginner to the most advanced. We look forward to meeting you on the mat.

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QiYoga classes at our Edgewater studio

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Qi (energy) Flow (fully immersed)

New Movement, New Results

QiFlow® is a movement practice that incorporates techniques to increase mobility, strength, endurance and grace. Our method is designed to create beautiful movers who believe that all movement is possible with practice and perseverance.

Expect something new in every class, a movement experience designed to leave the student sweaty and sore, vibrating with exhaustion and energy, completely transformed.

Our method is designed to create beautiful movers through our philosophy of wu wei (trying not to try/effortless action) and the five elements of our movement practice.

The Five Elements of the QiFlow practice:

1. BodyKnowledge: Shape Shifting and Spinal Movement

2. SportConditioning: Endurance and Strength

3. PerformanceTraining: Choreography and Rhythm

4. MobilityFlow®: Joint Mobility Drills and Full-Range Body Movement

5. BodyAbility: Practice What You Can’t Do.

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Endurance Training

The power of the QiFlow fusion program such as QiCycle-FLOW, QiCycle-YOGA, QiCycle-Barre and QiCycle-POWER lies in the combination of movement exercises to challenge the student to new levels of fitness. Benefits of fusion workouts include: new movement, new results, more effective workouts, increased calorie burn, reduces risk of overuse injury and boredom. If you feel stuck or stagnant in your current workout regime, and you desire a change, then try out one of our fusion classes.

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