-Movement Therapy With Dawnelle-

Similar to physical therapy, yet more diverse. Movement Therapy is the collected wisdom, experience, and education of all the movers I have studied with over the years. Combine my background and experience as a licensed Exercise Physiologist, 800+ hours of Yoga training, certified FRC Mobility Coach, FMS Certified Exercise Specialist and 24 years of teaching experience is what makes Movement Therapy so powerful. I’m the creator of the FLOW movement method, Director of Teacher Training at QiFlow and owner of QiFlow, Inc.  The QiFlow Movement Therapy program is the next evolution of my career and I’m more than excited to use my education and experience to help people live long and young!

Every person has a story unique to them … this is why there are no set rules to my approach to movement knowledge and therapy. I assess each client and determine the best movement path for each individual based on needs and goals.

I am a vessel of information, no more and no less. Movement Therapy is designed to heal, expand and transform the way a person moves.  As a 42-year-old woman with a lifetime of eclectic movement experience, I know what it takes to move young and feel good as you age. If you’re young, start now. If you’re older, start now. Today is the day…it is never too early, and it is definitely never too late to get started.

The QiFlow Movement Therapy program is designed for three groups of people:

  1. Athletes, movers, and/or yogis who are injured and need rehabilitation work
  2. Athletes, movers, and/or yogis who wish to become better at movement performance
  3. Athletes, movers, and/or yogis who are age 50 and older – (QiFlow50+)

QiFlow50+ is a ‘move young’ program to promote movement health and longevity for people age 50 years and older. The QiFlow50+ program is perfect for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or anyone older than 50  who need movement guidance and support from an experienced movement therapist to live a healthy, pain-free, more youthful lifestyle. The QiFlow50+ program is offered as private training at the

The QiFlow50+ program is offered as private training at the studio or can be used as private home sessions, depending on need or request.

*Movement Therapy also provides a Strength Gain and Weight Loss program that includes private online support and mentoring. Contact me for details and cost options.



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