Moses is our resident ninja. You can find him all over the schedule!

My movement practice is one that I like to call ever changing and recently I see it evolving more in a direction that is intriguing to myself. The challenge of achieving the impossible to me is what fuels my fire, creating new movement and overall being more in control of my body. 
I come from a sports background so I guess you can say since a little kid I was constantly moving; however, looking back to all my years playing sports I didn’t actually see what my body was capable of and for the first time to me the picture is starting to get clear. I do still play sports competitively but my main focus the last year has been trying to evolve as an athlete. Creating more flexibility and strength to create stability and prevent injury. I have practiced Yoga for the last 5 years, I also dabbled in gymnastics for the last 2 years not to mention many other movement types including FLOW. For me, creating a better mover is taking different movements from different variations of work outs and practices and incorporating them into training.  
My goal as a teacher is to help individuals see their potential and not just numbers on a scale. I want to be able push people to their limits but not scare them away. I want to push people to believe that they can achieve so much more and not give up before they do so. I strive for the that smile on the students face when they do something for the first time. Overall, I strive to move your body to your fullest potential and make sure people have a damn good time doing so!