bridge3 Lisa started her first yoga teacher training out of curiosity, to dive deeper into her own practice. But very quickly fell in love with teaching. After teaching for a year, Lisa enrolled in a 300 hour teacher training that emphasized the mystical side of the practice. It was during this training that she started to have an appreciation for the human body as a communicator of the spirit.

As a teacher Lisa also draws from her background in art and design to create a truly sensory experience. She guides the students into a non tangible space where they are feeling our way through the class. What defines Lisa is playing within the athlete, not by forcing and pushing really fast, but by holding poses, building strength and being in the stickiness and coming out with a deeper connection to balance and steadiness. She is also a lover of alignment, we need boundaries within which we can explore, staying present within that space inside ourselves is part of the practice.

Lisa embodies these practices, she is an incubator to her sequences so she understands how to offer them to her students.

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