Kylie Larson, RYT, has a passion for all things fitness related and you will see that in the various classes that she teaches on the site.  After completing her 200 hour yoga certification in 2009, opportunities in the local yoga and fitness community continued to appear and she grabbed on tight.  Since that time she has been trained in indoor cycling, Qi Yoga Sculpt, Qi Barre, Qi Boootcamp-Yoga and KORE (kettlebells).  She currently leads the QiCycle training and is the yoga teacher for the Colorado School of Mines Women’s Soccer Team.

Kylie’s recent entry into motherhood has given her a new perspective on working out and making time for yoga.  You will find her classes to be efficient, effective and fun.  Her pre and postnatal classes are still challenging, just modified so you don’t have to worry about making the modifications yourself and her Yoga for Athletes classes will compliment your current athletic endeavors, helping to make you stronger and more powerful, yet at the same time more flexible and centered.