Katie O'neil QiFlow

When she’s not tearing through a workout or revitalizing antique lamps, Katie works as a Lead Child Protection Caseworker.

I’ve always been a mover, playing sports and staying active throughout my childhood and college, but never realized my true capacity to move beyond the norm until I started to explore the things that I could not do… yet.  My love affair with QiFlow began in April 2014 as an eager and competitive student looking for a change of pace and a place to feel motivated.   I came every morning and worked my tail off – some days leaving inspired and others feeling defeated. 

My movement practice (and movement mentor) have taught me to embrace the process of finally landing that one cool move or reaching a goal weight or gaining hamstring flexibility (or whatever it is you’re seeking) because with time, positive energy and little adjustments, we are all capable of amazing things.   To me, there’s nothing better than feeling inspired and excited for ‘what’s next’.  I hope to share this passion, my passion for movement with each and every person that I cross paths with.  You can expect thoughtful, challenging and functional classes from me, whether it’s on the Cycle bikes, in the Power rooms or on the mat.