jennyJenny was first introduced to yoga when she was in middle school and her practice has gradually become a bigger and bigger part of her life ever since. It eventually led her to become a certified instructor both to deepen her own practice and to more intelligently share the practice with others. For various reasons and transitions in life, she has always been drawn back to her practice to ground her emotionally and spiritually. She believes that finding balance in one’s life is of utmost importance and uses her practice to do so both physically and mentally. Jenny is very active and always stays busy. She uses yoga in her own life to balance out her other activities and strives to teach a class that will provide those same benefits to others. Each class will be well rounded, focusing on a variety of muscle groups, and leave you feeling like you’ve worked hard and also deeply stretched out. Classes are generally set to music that she enjoys listening to outside of the yoga room because why not combine two of the greatest things in life- yoga and music!