QiCycle is an indoor cycling program that incorporates all five elements of our QiFlow movement method:

BodyKnowledge, MobilityFLOW, FLOWMotion, PerformanceFLOW, BodyAbilityFLOW.

Find endurance in the rhythm. Continuous movement shifting from one terrain to the next, lost in the beat of the music, totally changing the way you think about the average cycle class. Be prepared to ride 30-45 minutes without stopping or breaking rhythm to create the unique experience of rhythm riding, climbs, squats, jumps, burns, and so much more.

QiCycle is offered as 30-minute fusion movement classes such as QiCycleYOGA, QiCycleFLOW, QiCycleBarre, QiCycleSCULPT and QiCycleCORE. The other QiCycle offering is QiCycle45 – a class designed to challenge your ride to the next level. We encourage continuous rhythmic movement in all of our QiCycle classes.

Get ready to sweat and enjoy it!