QiFlow Community


Our community does not have much fun, clearly. (From left to Right) Moses, Leanne, Stephanie, Alejandra and James basically live at the studio. Find them if you have any questions! Join us for fun and fitness! Make friends, learn new movements, join a boot camp or training session.

Our resident musician, Rob Drabkin, doing his thing at our recent flow/vino.

We’re a community. Instructors and members hang out and hike the Incline.

We feature local artists at all of our events.

We have a kickball team and we are always seeking teammates!

Lose Your Phone! -Interview with QiFlow student Greg Linder

“Living in the moment” doesn’t mean responding to someone elses’ messages all the time, it means living for yourself, with a time scale you set up for your own, and appreciating what’s up. That gets harder and harder as more stuff eeks its way into our lives.

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