QiFlow Class Descriptions

QiFlow Mission:

To create a fitness community filled with people of all abilities and body types that encourages fluidity and movement through an energetic process dedicated to the desire to live life young and without limits.


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All levels are welcome to join the FLOW.  

QiFlow is offered as:

QiFlow45: 45-minute FLOW experience. Nonstop movement and breath to lose yourself. QiFlow45 is the perfect class for the busy person. Show up and move with us.

QiFlow: 60-minute to 75-minute FLOW classes designed to move your mind and body.
QiFlow Clinic: Exploration of Movement 2-hour experience for all students who wish to dive deeper into alignment, philosophy, breath, meditation, movement, fluidity, inversions, backbends, and FLOW.

QiCycle-FLOW: Our signature fusion class combines 30-minutes of QiCycle followed by 30-minutes of non-stop FLOW. A perfect way to begin and end your day!


QiFlow 90
QiFlow90 is for people who want to explore the next layer of the asana practice. To get to the next layer you must prepare your mind and body. To do this we work with lacrosse balls to enhance myofascial release and joint mobility exercises to enhance full range movement in the body. Once the body is prepped for practice we search for the next layer through rhythm and FLOW.
90.minutes of straight up movement combined with choreography, inversions, arm balancing, twist and backbends. An all-out movement experience to celebrate YOU.
QiFlow90 is for the beginner who wants to learn how to move before creating habitual and negative movement patterns and for the most “advanced” student to learn new and creative ways to move on the mat.
Qi Yoga

A 60-75 min yoga class designed to move the body in a dynamic, new way. Combining the power of vinyasa with the safety of effective alignment, this class will challenge your mind and body. Bringing a new idea of breath to the practice; encouraging students to breathe as they breathe. Our breath is the most innate thing we have. Rather than focusing so much on the inhale and exhale, we focus more on how the breath fuels us and guides us naturally, without force. In this class, strength meets flexibility. You will find a new sense and meaning to your core body and learn to stabilize that core body. Water and Fire, power and softness, Qi Yoga will leave you feeling strong, supple, and soft. Both mind and body.

Qi Yoga Sculpt

Yoga sculpt introduces weights as well as strength-building exercises and a cardio element to your practice. Many who have tried yoga sculpt soon become devotees because it quickly deepens their daily yoga practice and enhances their athletic performance. Yoga sculpt is the perfect complement to any workout. For yogis, it adds the necessary strength-training component to their daily practice. For gym nuts, it’s a great change of pace that provides a challenging workout with the added benefit of increased flexibility.

QiCycle Yoga
QiCycle-Yoga is the perfect example of yin yang in fitness: a high-energy fusion workout that results in total body and mind fitness. Each class starts with 30 minutes of heart-pumping cycling followed by 30-45 minutes of vinyasa yoga that calms, strengthens, and increases flexibility. Mountain bikers, road bikers, and other athletes find they can apply yoga principles to enhance their own regimens while yogis enjoy increased cardio endurance and strength. Both love the benefit of a stronger core, improved use of breath, and leave class feeling centered. Beginners like being pushed while working at a pace that is comfortable to them. The QiCycle studio features state-of-the-art bikes and a large garage door that can be opened to invite fresh air inside. The serene environment of the yoga studio allows students to loosen up through a series of power-yoga sequences that link breath to movement.
For those athletes looking for a little more time in the saddle, this class is for you. Join us for 45 minutes of our signature program – QiCycle. We will move through various terrains, climbing, sprinting, running, and jumping all in the name of fitness. Bring a water bottle and get ready to sweat.

Meet our unique and innovative QiCycle program paired with 30 minutes of Kettlebell and body weight inspired bootcamp workouts. From mountain climbers, to kettlebell swings, to box jumps, your body is going to feel this workout.

Bring water, tennis shoes, and your “A” game!


30 minutes cycle/30 minutes QiFlow

Boxing circuits designed to train you like no other class on our schedule. Work on jabs, crunches, hooks, ropes, jumps and rhythm with the QiFlow boxing teachers Ben Davis and Moses Espinoza. Have fun and box on…


*bring your own wraps and gloves if you have them.


For those athletes looking for a little more time in the saddle, this class is for you. Join us for 45 minutes of our signature program, QiCycle. We will move through various terrains, climbing, sprinting, running and jumping all in the name of fitness. Bring a water bottle and get ready to sweat. *you need your own cycle (spd clips) or tennis shoes. We do not rent cycling shoes.

Booty Barre

Ready for the booty of your dreams? This is not your typical barre class! With an intense focus on the glutes this class will incorporate hand weights and High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) to tone, sculpt and lift your backside. Never choreographed, this class will inspire and challenge you and each sequenced series will become familiar but leave you wanting more. You’ll burn calories, gain flexibility and strength and no coordination is required to attend this booty shaping class. Low impact and high energy – we know you’ll love the results you’ll see after making Qi Barre Booty Blast a part of your weekly routine!

willPower & Grace Program: Edgewater location

willPower & grace® A high-energy, cardiovascular and muscular conditioning workout. It’s a fusion of plyometrics, yoga, calisthenics, and Pilates: strong full-body functional exercises with inspiring, positive psychology. We train barefoot, to correct imbalances in your ankles, knees and hips. This workout is equipment free, and structured for students of all levels. Please bring your water bottle and workout towel.


willPower & grace barre-LESS willPower & grace barre-LESS is a hybrid of willPower & grace full-body functional training infused with movements of barre. In this strength training class, we will bring your muscles to the point of fatigue and then stretch your muscles to lengthen them. By incorporating the two classes you will burn more calories. The result will be stronger, longer and leaner muscles. This workout is equipment free relying on your own body weight.


QiCycle-Barre: 30-minutes of QiCycle followed by 30-minute ballet barre workout.

QiCycle 30+ CORE