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CiCi is just as strong outside of the studio, where she works as an Associate Attorney in Commercial Litigation at Holland & Hart

Come join me in one of my QiFlow classes to be moved by the beat of energetic, vibrant tunes. Let me push you to sprint, climb, squat, balance, flow like you mean it.  Let me energize and stir you with a fast-paced spin sesh to boost your cardio in CYCLE (did I mention sprints and jumps are my favorite?).  Let me tone your muscles with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises to build a lean machine in POWER.  And let me awaken your limbs to the beauty and fluidity of the QiFlow and MobilityFlow methods in FLOW.  Inspired by QiFlow’s mantra of wu-wei, I want to show you how even a stiff corporate lawyer can find movement, balance, and grace in every-day living through the principles of persistence, perseverance, and effortless action.  I hope you will join me and amaze yourself with your own body ability!