Yoga is a continuous exploration between balance, strength, and patience for Carrie.  “Yoga teaches me AHIMSA, being compassionate to myself and others.  My asana practice encourages me to be kind to my my body, but it also allows me to slow down and gain perspective that follows me off my mat.  Yoga challenges me to move one breath at a time”.

Her interest in Vinyasa yoga was sparked in high school due to her background in basketball and volleyball since it was a wonderful way to restore the body, but challenged her mentally because it encouraged her to slow down and increase her mental strength and focus.

Carrie’s yoga practice became more consistent starting in 2006 when she went into the mental health field.  As a counselor and case manager, Carrie utilized yoga as self-care since she recognized all of the therapeutic benefits one can receive from yoga.

Carrie will encourage her students to push their boundaries both mentally and physically.  Carrie is incredibly thankful that yoga gives her the opportunity to meet and connect with amazing people in the Denver community.