Capoeira 101

Date: April 14th 2017 (Friday)

Time:  6:30 PM To 7:30 PM

Location: QiFlow RiNo

Cost: Free to Members. $20 Drop in to non members

In Capoeira 101 you can expect to learn a brief history of Capoeira, a little bit of capoeira music and basic Capoeira movements such as the Ginga(the basic stance of Capoeira), Esquivas(the dodges), Chutas(kicks), and basic movement to move you around your partner, Au(cartwheel), Pasada(a shuffle), etc. These moves are what a Capoeira practitioner uses to communicate to their partner.

Capoeira is a martial art the origins are in Brazil. African slave in Brazil create this art a way to disguise the act of train a marital art to avoid punishment and persecution for doing so. Today capoeira has become a creative expression of one’s self, discover Brazilian culture and communicate to someone else through movement without losing the martial aspect of the game.