Alicia has always had a passion for fitness, growing up a dancer and gymnast, she rarely slowed down. While attending college in Boulder, CO, she worked in a gym and belonged to a professional hip-hop company . She decided early on that she did not have the patience for yoga (Ironically, patience was a lesson she desperately needed to learn and yoga provided the answer). About a decade later she realized she was avoiding the very thing that would prove to be incredibly life-altering. Her very first power vinyasa class in Denver at the age of 29 was the start of a beautiful journey that she could not be more grateful for,  Alicia discovered yoga while doing some serious soul searching. While experiencing a very tough time in her life, she credits yoga for giving her strength and clarity when she needed it the most. She made a commitment to herself and to her yoga practice because she knew in her heart it was exactly what she’d been searching for. Regardless of feeling inflexible, uncomfortable and self-conscious, it still did not over shadow how amazing she felt at the end of every yoga class. Shortly thereafter she discovered Dawnelle Arthur and began taking her butt-kicking yoga-sculpt classes religiously. January of 2011 Alicia decided to join Dawnelle’s 200 hour Vinyasa teacher training program with the mindset of deepening her practice and not becoming a teacher herself. After training Alicia was still not convinced that she was “teacher material”. Dawnelle generously offered her 2 classes a week to begin her teaching practice and get her feet wet. She could not be more thankful to her for pushing her to overcome her fears.  Alicia has since gone through cycle training and currently enjoys teaching yoga, QiFlow and cylce classes. She loves challenging her students in an encouraging and compassionate manner. She believes that everyone has a power inside that can be ignited to greatness if nurtured. The journey that yoga set her on is one that cannot be stopped and one that has set her heart free. It is a jpurney of self-discovery and self-love. Alicia loves giving back what she has gained through yoga; guiding her students to assist them in finding wonderful things both within themselves as well as externally. Helping students discover all the amazing mental & physical benefits yoga has to offer and watching them grow week after week is incredibly rewarding.