What is QiFlow?

“It’s a shame for a person to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which the body is capable.” – Socrates

Qi (energy) Flow (fully immersed)

*full disclosure: QiFlow is not yoga, nor is it a new style of yoga.

QiFlow is a movement practice that incorporates techniques to increase mobility, strength, endurance and grace. Our method is designed to create beautiful movers who believe that all movement is possible with practice and perseverance. Expect something new in every class, a movement experience designed to leave the student sweaty and sore, vibrating with exhaustion and energy, completely transformed. 

Our method is designed to create beautiful movers through our philosophy of wu wei (trying not to try/effortless action) and the five elements of our movement practice. The Five Elements of the QiFlow practice:

1. BodyKnowledge: Shape Shifting and Spinal Movement

2. SportConditioning: Endurance and Strength

3. PerformanceTraining: Choreography and Rhythm

4. MobilityFlow: Joint Mobility Drills and Full-Range Body Movement

5. BodyAbility: Practice What You Can’t Do.

QiFlow RiNo

Located in between 10 Barrel Brewery and Matthew Morris Salon on 2636 Walnut St. in the RiNo district of Denver, our QiFlow RiNo location (formally known as QiFlow Downtown) is our Fusion Movement Studio. You will not find a traditional yoga class here: Along with our flagship class, QiFlow (see description above), we offer fusion classes such as QiCycle-Flow – 30-45 minutes of cycle followed by 30 minutes of QiFlow;  QiCycle30 + CORE – 30 minute ride followed by 15 minutes of front, back and side core work;  QiCycle-POWER – 30 minute ride followed by 30 minute boot camp/HIIT workout;  QiCycle-Barre – 30.minute ride followed by 30.minutes of leg blasting, butt-lifting barre workout. Our fusion classes are designed to kick your butt and make you sweat in 45-75minutes. In one fusion class you burn mega calories by combining cardio, strength and mobility training in one workout. There is nothing better than to have fusion workouts and yoga classes offered in one membership!

QiFlow Edgewater

Our Edgewater studio located at 5838 W 25th Ave. offers a more quaint and intimate experience. This is where you will find various types of yoga, restorative, sculpt and Barre. Our yoga classes are taught by passionate and loving teachers who teach through the inspiration of their own practice. You will never take the same class twice. We do not believe in the “yoga” script and we do not believe that all teachers should be teaching the same thing. If you’re looking for freedom in your yoga practice, or if you’re feeling stuck, come see us.  QiFlow Yoga is classic yoga taught through yoga sequences, asana practice, peak poses, music, guided breath and meditation. All of our classes are designed to keep you strong and healthy. Our main focus is on movement, transformation, community and body knowledge. We believe you need to know how to move your body to move your body. Our classes stretch your mind and strengthen your body by offering new movement in every class. We wish to offer our members one place to truly experience the value of good movement and health. We hope you will join us for our Intro offer – 30 days for $60 – to try out the variety of movement we offer. Our $109/Month Auto-Renew is one of the best deals you can find in town: Unlimited classes at BOTH locations (over 90 classes each week) and you can cancel at anytime. We look forward to sharing our passion of QiFlow with you and your friends.

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